1. Take what you learned

In every relationship, you learn something. It can be a hard lesson; it can be a valuable lesson. In the end, you would do best to look at what this relationship taught you. Each sacred encounter can provide you with an opportunity for growth and evaluation. The growth can come in the form of what to do and what not to do in future relationships. It might show you how to be more vulnerable and emotionally available. It might teach you to pick someone on the same emotional and spiritual plane as you are. Take time to journal or meditate on what you learned in the relationship and what you plan to do in the future.


2. Celebrate

Celebrate your relationship. It was a sacred encounter, no matter how it ended. Look at all you gained from the relationship. Think about the good times. Look at an old picture and bring back the positive memories, while at the same time letting it go in celebration. The purpose of this exercise is not to reminisce about the past; it’s to look at it as a cause for celebration. You opened yourself up in a relationship and there were probably parts that were amazing. You can also celebrate yourself. Do something good for yourself that you have wanted to do for a while. Take time to nurture yourself. It’s cause for a celebration for what the relationship was to you, as well as a reward for how you showed up in the relationship. Break-ups are a hard thing to do through; why not make the best of it and pamper you? You’ll definitely feel better.


3. Show gratitude

Gratitude is the way out of revenge, sadness and powerlessness from a past relationship. Gratitude is being thankful for what was and what is. Gratitude is about looking at the positive the relationship was and allowing yourself to be truly and deeply grateful for what the person meant to you. Say thank you every day until the pain is gone for that person. It can be about something specific they did or it can just be a general “thank you” for everything. Light a candle in gratitude. Make a list of things you are grateful today. The deeper the gratitude, the deeper the healing.


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